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Charles James Lesowske  lives in the central part of Oregon. He writes under the pen name: James Andrew Edske. Technical writing and an extensive electronic background landed him in most major cities throughout the United States. Now writing spiritual fiction his books often delve into electronics, computers, electrical energy and other technical subject matters. There is always a special character that carries the reader through times of discernment. Something, like a spiritual mentor… This is true in life, and especially in his books.   

FYI about my writing style.

Writing spiritual fiction works best for me from the third person omniscient point of view. The words in italics are when a character is reflecting or discerning something.  I intentionally put down certain words hoping that you will go back and discover one of the special spiritual messages. Expect to be pulled between heaven and hell. Halfway ​thru I will start to stitch things together. My books have a summary, since I don't believe in an end...