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David and Paul childhood friends all through high school part ways for more than twenty years. Both served in Vietnam, Paul as a foot soldier and David stationed out of harm’s way as an electronic technician. Their lives take up again when Paul, now a priest flies out to Colorado to confront David with some life-threatening news. It seems that not even prayer can help Paul find the forgiveness he is seeking. But, it is David that is in harm’s way, ever since he unlawfully obtained a Clipper Chip decoder box. The little black box contained the MYK78T integrated circuit (IC), the National Security Agency secretly developed to ease drop and unscrambled encrypted messages over telephone lines, just before the end of the Cold War in 1991.


FOOTNOTE: The US government claims to have declassified the Skipjack algorithm used in the chip set for the Chipper Chip Decoder box.  If that were true, why then do hackers still use an 80-bit key and a symmetric cipher algorithm when they ransom computers?  Don’t believe everything the government claims to be true. . .

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Click on book cover to read more of In the Silence

Click on book cover to read more of In the Silence

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Two men, living over a thousand miles apart are complete opposites. Kenneth Saxton, an unemployed logger during the Spotted Owl logging standoff puts a long gun to his head at the families' cabin near Zigzag, Oregon after his unemployment checks cease.  

Richard Johnson, an assembly line manager for Trask Trailers in Long Beach, California is fired for secretly meeting with a company auditor. From the twelfth story of a hotel balcony Richard discerns jumping to end it all.

Two things that Richard and Kenneth have in common: excessive drinking and they both lost sons. Jabbar died from a drive by shooting in LA and Billy to a climbing accident on Mt. Hood. Strong men need self worth and are always easy targets of the dark purple haze…

FOOTNOTE: Y2K came so close.  Bitcoin is next. . .

Amazon Kindle or paperback.

Click on book cover to read more of Do & Die

Click on book cover to read more of Do & Die

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Books of fiction by an inspirational writer. Mystery, thriller and suspense with christian values.  A book plot should enlighten and inspire without preaching.